For Stunning Picture Windows…. Gulf Coast Windows and Doors delivers!!

The characteristics of a Picture Window. 

Have your ever heard of a “Picture Window”, chances are you’ve seen quite a few around the area.  This type of window is usually quite large and provides a clear view to the outside of your home.  Picture windows are placed in locations where they can frame a beautiful, picture-like view, hence their name.

Picture replacement windows are made in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and materials that can be customized to suit the style of your home’s interior and exterior design.  These windows are often combined with other window styles to add intrigue and sophistication to your home’s architectural style. For a truly eye-catching design, picture windows should be placed between other window styles to offer an expansive center view. The best part?

Some Benefits of Picture Windows

There are many benefits of picture windows, but one of the key benefits of choosing picture windows is their superior durability. Picture windows have no operable parts, which means they cannot be opened.  However, when combined with other window types, any room can still bring in plenty of fresh air and gentle breezes as they enhance any room.

Picture windows are considered incredibly energy efficient which can help you save on costly energy bills throughout the year.  Picture windows are completely sealed around the edges and offer additional home security as this makes them difficult to break into. You also won’t have to worry about winds entering your home.