What Are Slider Windows?

A sliding window has two sashes with at least one that slides horizontally past the other. While one sliding sash and one fixed sash is the most common option, it is possible to purchase windows which allow both sashes to slide.

They require less parts which makes them an ideal choice when considering the durability of the window. They are light weight and allow opening and closing with minimal effort by releasing a latch.

Sliding windows can also be referred to as gliding or slider windows.

These type of windows are best to place in areas where an outward opening window (casement or awning) might get in the way such as decks, walkways, etc…

Choosing the perfect windows for your home can be a confusing decision, but with a variety of options and some guidance, window shopping can be a easy. For windows that are both easy to open and will last for years, we recommend slider windows.

Characteristics Of Slider Windows

As their name suggests, slider windows are made of two sashes with at least one sash that slides horizontally past the other to open. Usually, the most common choice is a window with one sliding sash and another fixed sash that does not slide, however, some homeowners prefer to install sliding windows with two movable sashes.

Because slider windows require less parts than many other types of windows, they tend to be more durable, while their light weight allows for easy opening and closing. Simply release the window latch and smoothly slide the sash to open your window and allow a beautiful breeze inside.

Use Of Slider Windows

Unlike casement and awning windows that open outward, sliding windows do not obstruct pathways or outdoor areas when open. This reason alone makes them the perfect choice for homeowners looking to install windows in locations where there is heavy foot traffic or next to an outdoor seating area, such as a patio, deck, or front walkway. They also make a great choice for above the kitchen sink where windows can sometimes be hard to reach.

The Advantages Of Slider Windows

As we mentioned before, sliding windows are an extremely durable option. If you’re opening and closing your windows regularly, these windows will stand up to all your normal wear and tear. Plus, since they’re energy efficient, they are a great option for homeowners that want to save money on their heating and cooling bills. They’ll keep the cold, bitter wind out during the winter months and also help keep your home cool on blistery summer days.

Even better? They’re easy to use and easy to maintain! Opening and closing requires just one swift motion, and because they slide horizontally, you’ll never have to worry about loose sashes sliding down and crushing your fingers.

When A Slider Window May Not Be The Best Option

There’s hardly really anything bad to say about slider windows. Their easy-to use and durable design makes them almost fool proof, however; they can be little tough to clean. While the inside of the window is easily accessible, the outside can be a challenge, especially when these windows are situated in hard to reach spots.