1)   Is a sliding glass door a good investment for my Florida Home?

The answer is yes, upgrading your home with a home improvement project will add equity to your home. So when you consider a sliding glass door, there is no different – According to the Market, allowing natural light and glass accent into your home is a great way to increase your home’s overall value.

2) My door space is unique. Do sliding glass doors come in custom sizes?

All doors are made to order.  There are many standard sizes and custom sizes.  Sliding glass doors do not have the restriction as a swing door.

3) I’d like to keep my utility bill cost down. Is a sliding glass door right way to go?

Here in Florida, most homeowners choose double pane glass as a sliding glass door option. Consisting of two thick panes of glass with argon gas in the middle, double pane sliding glass entry doors reflect roughly 90% of energy while admitting only 10%. This means that when your air conditioner is cooling your house all summer, 90% of that cool air will stay inside and only 10% will leak out.

The opposite is true during Florida winter months – Your heat will stay inside. There is also a low-E glass option. Low-E stands for “Low Emissivity” which means the glass transmits a low level of radiant heat thanks to a microscopically thin transparent coating on the glass. What does low-E glass mean for you? A low-E glass door option will increase your thermal