Is it time to say good-bye to the solid door blocking your view and introduce some more light into your life? Consider French doors as an option. These combination windows and doors create a sense of space as they flood rooms with sunlight.

And new glass technologies mean that security and insulation concerns of the past are in many cases outdated. Read on to find out whether French doors are right for you.

What are the benefits of French doors?

In addition to adding a certain feng shui, the advantages of French doors include:

  • Bringing natural light into an interior room or hall that doesn’t have windows.
  • Providing a visual between indoors and out, or between two rooms.
  • Expanding your warm-weather living space by opening out to a patio, balcony, or garden area.
  • Letting the sun light in without letting warmth escape as well as in the summer by not letting cool air out.
  • Expanding the sense of space in a room.
  • Filling wide openings–and creating a flow–between rooms. And conversely, enabling adjoining rooms to be closed off from each other as needed, such as for noise or heating reasons.