French Doors

Upgrade your Home’s Décor with French Doors

French Doors are window-like doors that bring natural light into any room in your home. They feature a sense of proportion with equally divided lite panes and can be traditional or modern.

At Gulf Coast Windows & Doors we pride ourselves in offering premium Simonton and PGT french doors, which boast specially engineered glass and frames that will provide outstanding protection against heat transfer and air infiltration.

French doors are classic and elegant in their design. Customizable as well, there are plenty of variations in features and options to allow them to match any setting. These doors allow for relaxed and rustic looks or upscale, sophisticated designs made to highlight amazing landscapes, a custom pool, or a one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen or patio.

Design Considerations

When choosing your French doors in, selecting from an amazing inventory of different design options is usually the biggest challenge that many of our customers face. We offer a variety of different types of design elements including the actual material of the door as well as the configuration of the windows.

The traditional look for French doors and exterior French patio doors is mullioned windows, or the look of multiple small, uniform panes throughout the door. Newer styles of these doors may be constructed with individual panes throughout the length of the door, adding to the artistry.

French doors are also double doors, meeting in the middle and then swinging either inwards or outwards, depending on your preference. This provides a number of options for opening and closing the doors, also making it possible to have a much larger entrance when needed.

One of the biggest benefits to installing French doors is the overall quality and amount of light they let into any room. With today’s glass and design options, they are energy-efficient in addition to being beautiful and they make a smaller room look much brighter and larger. They also provide great views outdoors from virtually any room in the house.

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